Friday, May 29, 2015


Dear Mr. President.

Respectfully. You useless Fucking Pussy. To say you were a Disappointment to us, and indeed the whole damned World is an understatement.

Not only were you a Balless Wonder at being that agent of Change...even with all of the power of an American Presidency behind you. You turned out to be triply useless as a War President.

Like the time your Dick fell Off when you seemed to confront the genocide in Syria. Which led to the formation of the Isis maniacs you also are doing nothing about.

I sincerely hope they find a DVD somewhere of you fucking goats this would be the proper end of your sorry appearance on the world stage.

Every day we're treated to scenes of men women, and now children beheaded shot torture buried alive or otherwise getting the Medieval treatment.

All we get from you is, "...No Boots on the Ground."

That, and you're playing golf.

Yeah I know it's infinitely  more complex than do you yet you do nothing. You seem just to want to get out write your book, and go back into obscurity.

History is 'Not' going to be kind to you pal.

Goodbye, and bleeping Good Riddance.

Yours in Eternal Disappointment, and Contempt,


(Btw, I sent you $50. Bucks when you first ran when I was Houseless. I'd like it the Fuck Back!) 

"And Another Thing!"

 My Dear Mr. President,

Besides everything else your Dog! is Ugly as Hell!! For Christ's sakes he has Webbed Feet! What the Fuck were you thinking?!

Would it have killed you to get a damned Beagle?!!




  1. Uncle, you not only get right to the point, but you hit the nail on the head!