Saturday, May 16, 2015

"You Tell'em Kid!"

I should stash this on my Queer page "Dragonfly" see link on the lower right side. Yeah, but bleep it here is as good as anywhere. Trans folks of which I was sort of one as a Grandma used to dress me up,...and I really dug it.

Here's the deal. About a Hundred years ago progressive head-shrinkers came up with boxes to put all us perverts in. Homosexuals Lesbians Door Knob Fuckers Panty Smellers, and swell stuff like that.

Yeah, and at time as I say it was an improvement. I mean there was all that "Third Sex" stuff "Uranians" "Martians", and assorted crap like that. Basically were were scaring the horses by our gleeful behavior.

Well like I sez that was 100+ years ago.

Time for a change...ya think.

Look hold on to your panty hose, but here's the real deal. There's 7 Billions of us rampaging around this sad tired planet these days. Did you get that, "...SEVEN BILLIONS".

Wow impressive..were like Virus there's no stopping us!


So since were thinking in higher math now we have to see that's who we are.

"7 Billions!!!" 

Seven Billions of orientations "Seven Billions of Genders", and "7 Billions" of choices in Ice Cream Flavors too!

That's just the facts of Life around here Comrades.

We, and all of our animal pals are Amazing in our varied modes of behavior.  Ha! ...again.

A big leap forward from them that think there's only "one" orientation, and just "two" sexes.  Sure might have made a sort of primitive sense in the Iron Age when some jerk living in a cave who fucked mice thought it up.

However shit's a bit different now. Just ask Stephen Hawking.

So get with the Program, and enjoy your choice of the Seven Billions of Flavors.

What the fuck more could you want?!!


Stay Tuned.

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