Friday, May 15, 2015


Went to the hospital yesterday, and day before going back Monday. They're trying to find out why my tummy is a wreck..why the vertigo, and all that fun stuff. Also did more impressions for my dentures while there.

I told them I was "...Sick of being sick."

I have some new Meds..we'll see. otherwise I'm swell...Eckkk.

Don't worry this won't stall the Pod project. I'm buying equipment when I have money again at the beginning of the month. Ah swell the finances of old farts.

Hey I have a roof food, high speed connection, and a sentient Bunny, and Bear for company...what more could one want beside maybe a Sky Blue 1924 Bugatti...with life time free maintenance. Umm, maybe a few miles of nice Beach Front property,...with 'no' tax leans on it too.

Stay Tuned.

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