Saturday, September 29, 2012

"...and now this word"

"DON'T JUMP!!", Art!


"Fear of a Black World"

"Don't Sweat It"

You should subscribe to my friend Jay's YouTube page. That's him below. He's an author lecturer artist, and comrade broadcaster.

As he mentions below for the first time more brown, and black babies were born in the U.S.of A. than white ones. How 'bout that. He comments on this.


Humm..Barbie mummies. Well I must admit this sort of thing never occurred to me. Interesting idea though. 

I imagine we'll be seeing this stuff during the holidaze in upscale toy stores. Just the thing for future plutocrats to play with. Bound, and gagged women, and or the undead. 

Yep the country's doing just fine.

"Vote Early'n Often"

 Every politician 'all' of them the lot needs to be dressed like our pal up there if they want to run for office. Further if they get elected they have to wear this outfit as the official politicians uniform at all public events, and especially in Congress Senate or White House.

This way everyone will know who they are. Sort of a more reasonable Scarlet Letter. "By their Floppy Shoes ye may Know Them!" 

Com'on you wanna know if there's a liars, pickpockets, and potential mass murderers around right. Well okay.

Stay Tuned

"How we could have won Veitnam"

On the down side, note mushroom cloud, China, and the then Soviet Union might have taken a dim view of us tossing radioactive kilotons around in their back yard. Still as journalists say it would have made for a full news day.

President Johnson considered it for a moment, and Nixon considered it for a tad longer which freaked out the government, and everybody else in the world. Fortunately the Cold War Criminal, wanted in several countries East, and West Henry Kissinger talked him out of it,...just.

Makes you wonder how our political class can have such blindness to consequences. Especially back in that era.  

Heck if them nutters had their way  south Asia would be a glowing crater, and G.I. vets would not only be fighting to get treatment for Agent Orange, but Radiation Poisoning too.

Btw did you know that the whole Korean war could have been avoided or at least contained to the inter-Korean border. That if our leadership took the warnings from China sent via the newly independent India seriously.

Seems our  pals in the Peoples Republic of  Walmart  wasn't too crazy about having a major war on it's border. Well Washington ignored them, 'and' all the State Department "China Hands"as well. They said "Suck on This", and later went straight for the North Korea/Chinese frontier. 

About a 1,000,000 dead people later  folks like Allen Dulles'n company said "oops", and made plans for ther next round.

Ya know just after the Cold War there was talk on both sides of the former Iron Curtain for trials. Aka like the Nuremberg  proceedings after WW2.  Pity we didn't do it. The Cold War Criminals, and their proteges went on to make the early 21st century a slaughter house. 

After the current "Terror War" winds down we gotta have serious trials. War Criminals from 'Both' sides need to frog marched to the Hague. Shoved into the glass booth, and made to face their accusers.

Then maybe we'll get somewhere.

"Stay Tuned"

"My Latest Swell Radio Program"

More noise rants, and the same two records from Uncle Sydney. Ya know the only reason I’m around is that I think they forgot I’m still here. With a 5:00am slot I’m not surprised.
Anyway go to the archives, and slide down to  Saturday Sept., 22 at 5:00am. Title “Sat. Morning w/Radio On”. You’ll figure it out.

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"One Thread at a Time"

"Remember Hope?"

I still have a shadow of support for what the Occupy Movement tried to do. Sadly it’s in retreat now. However last fall the Truth was leaking out about who, and what really runs this country.

Heady stuff. Here’s a network anchor passionately telling the truth,..imagine. This doesn’t happen anymore, but it was thrilling to watch, and hear when it did.

If only our current President or even what’s his name on the other side had this kind of fire in the belly. Shit might actually change. We might all have a chance for Hope.
Instead we’re back to taking crumbs from the poor. That, and lying to, and scaring the middle class into voting against their own interests.

Naw it ain't doomsday, but it's for damned sure foul shit!

Monday, September 3, 2012




"I Warned You!!"

"Dino War!!"

'Nothing I likes better than hopped up G.I.'s lost in time, and space fight'n deranged pissed off monsters. 

Frank Cho's soon to be issued Dino "Wars" on Image Comics fits dat bill just fine thanks. 

It's got everything. 

Hot babes, tough guys with blazing guns. Evil corporations, and secret science programs. Did I mention pissed off T-Rex, scary raptors, and assorted poison bugs. It starts out with freaked out archeologists finding human fossils mixed in with T-Rex remains. 

With the extra added attraction of  150 Million year old 21st century automatic weapons, and com gear thrown in for laffs.

'Da Fuck!!! Sez the assembled scientists, and their grad school co-ed underpaid assistants. 

Yep if ya gonna waste time on popular entertainment this fall this is the ticket. I can hardly wait for the Sci-Fi Channel version. There's very little they can fuck up with this one. ..tho' you bet they'll try!

"DINO WARS" a three issue self contained romp into the steamy Jurassic without 'any' real purpose or moral lessons. Every 14 year old boy's wet dream,..well one of them.  

Uncle Sid sez, "...This shit is more fun that a Speed-Crack-Whiskey rush during an electrical storm while on top of Bald Mountain while having a triple Viagra induced artificial orgasm with a troop of Boys Scouts, and their Lesbian Witch Den Mothers on Easter Morning!!" 

Well what more can we say. Get this hot edition before the back to school rush.

*( "Sweetness, and Light" (tm)  received no compensation,..other than a gander at the smuged work print for this swell plug.)


"Boys, Dolls, and Cats"

"Aw gee, ain't Love Sweet"

"It's Come to This"


"Charlie,..and Friend"

"...When your Lesbian Aunts do Meth"