Saturday, September 29, 2012

"How we could have won Veitnam"

On the down side, note mushroom cloud, China, and the then Soviet Union might have taken a dim view of us tossing radioactive kilotons around in their back yard. Still as journalists say it would have made for a full news day.

President Johnson considered it for a moment, and Nixon considered it for a tad longer which freaked out the government, and everybody else in the world. Fortunately the Cold War Criminal, wanted in several countries East, and West Henry Kissinger talked him out of it,...just.

Makes you wonder how our political class can have such blindness to consequences. Especially back in that era.  

Heck if them nutters had their way  south Asia would be a glowing crater, and G.I. vets would not only be fighting to get treatment for Agent Orange, but Radiation Poisoning too.

Btw did you know that the whole Korean war could have been avoided or at least contained to the inter-Korean border. That if our leadership took the warnings from China sent via the newly independent India seriously.

Seems our  pals in the Peoples Republic of  Walmart  wasn't too crazy about having a major war on it's border. Well Washington ignored them, 'and' all the State Department "China Hands"as well. They said "Suck on This", and later went straight for the North Korea/Chinese frontier. 

About a 1,000,000 dead people later  folks like Allen Dulles'n company said "oops", and made plans for ther next round.

Ya know just after the Cold War there was talk on both sides of the former Iron Curtain for trials. Aka like the Nuremberg  proceedings after WW2.  Pity we didn't do it. The Cold War Criminals, and their proteges went on to make the early 21st century a slaughter house. 

After the current "Terror War" winds down we gotta have serious trials. War Criminals from 'Both' sides need to frog marched to the Hague. Shoved into the glass booth, and made to face their accusers.

Then maybe we'll get somewhere.


  1. A great idea Syd, but a pipe dream.

    Turkeys don't vote for xmas, do they ?

    Still the fantasy of seeing Bliar and Prezdent Shrub executed for crimes against humanity keeps a few of us warm on a cold winter's night.

  2. Maybe not so crazy. The only way to stop the cycle is to make those responsible on both sides pay the piper. Other equally unlikely things have happened so I have a few shreds of hope on this one.

    Uncle Syd