Monday, September 3, 2012

"Dino War!!"

'Nothing I likes better than hopped up G.I.'s lost in time, and space fight'n deranged pissed off monsters. 

Frank Cho's soon to be issued Dino "Wars" on Image Comics fits dat bill just fine thanks. 

It's got everything. 

Hot babes, tough guys with blazing guns. Evil corporations, and secret science programs. Did I mention pissed off T-Rex, scary raptors, and assorted poison bugs. It starts out with freaked out archeologists finding human fossils mixed in with T-Rex remains. 

With the extra added attraction of  150 Million year old 21st century automatic weapons, and com gear thrown in for laffs.

'Da Fuck!!! Sez the assembled scientists, and their grad school co-ed underpaid assistants. 

Yep if ya gonna waste time on popular entertainment this fall this is the ticket. I can hardly wait for the Sci-Fi Channel version. There's very little they can fuck up with this one. ..tho' you bet they'll try!

"DINO WARS" a three issue self contained romp into the steamy Jurassic without 'any' real purpose or moral lessons. Every 14 year old boy's wet dream,..well one of them.  

Uncle Sid sez, "...This shit is more fun that a Speed-Crack-Whiskey rush during an electrical storm while on top of Bald Mountain while having a triple Viagra induced artificial orgasm with a troop of Boys Scouts, and their Lesbian Witch Den Mothers on Easter Morning!!" 

Well what more can we say. Get this hot edition before the back to school rush.

*( "Sweetness, and Light" (tm)  received no compensation,..other than a gander at the smuged work print for this swell plug.)


  1. This weeks episode of Doctor Who sees him and his gang encountering an Earthbound Silurian Ark complete with dinosaurs.

  2. Shhhh!


    The new season hasn't started here yet.