Thursday, April 30, 2015


I woke up today all yucky nauseous, and dizzy. Is it just me or is something going around again? 'Been sick, and bleeped up all week...Ecck!

hate this crap!

I need a vacation or need Meds or a trip to the Ralph Chubb Spa for aged Queers...something!

Probably new Meds...naw that would just make me more Cazy, and even sicker.


Btw all them readers from Russia have vanished. Weird...just like that. For several days they were the majority of the hits here then...gone.

Did someone tell Putin they were coming here? 

Have to admit he's an interesting guy.

(...this just in! The Russian may be gone, but the Ukrainians are back. What's going on out there?)

Stay Tuned. 


  1. Sydney,
    I vote for the Shameless Ralph Chubb Spa For Aged Queers.
    Huggs with tears appearing in my eyes,

  2. Me too! The Spa should have hot springs, massages, and a free garden cafe, and I want blue silk wallpaper in my bed chamber. The decor will be from Dragonfly, and live entertainment like that in "Crowstone," for starters.


  3. ...and I want Bunny slippers too.