Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Actually I'd call it what it is,...A declaration of WAR!  A Class War to be fought to the bloody end. No Quarter, Prisoners. We must vanquish our Owners like the Allies crushed the Axis.

There's no other way it's that or be their Slaves in Perpetuity. 

That's their banner up there. The Stars'n Stripes with a Damned Crown on it.

A "Royal Corporate Coup d'etat" took this Nation from us 40 years ago while we were busy wearing platform shoes, and doing vast amount of Cocaine.

We're only most of us just realizing it now.

"Holy Shit!!" 

We collectively say. 

It wasn't the "Welfare Queens" that took our standard of living from us after all!  It was the damned Bosses just like in the 1930's,...the Bastards!

 Oh, but what to do.

Indeed comrades what to do.  

FUCKING WAR! ...Ya Damed Dummies. Take back what's yours while ya still can!!  I ain't kidding neither. This is a fight for our very lives, and those of generations to come.

Get the fuck off ya butts cut your cable stop eating them damned pizza meals, and get the Hell into the street, and demand...No "TAKE"...TAKE YA FUTURE BACK!!!

...Of Course I mean all this in a Nice way.

(The next post will be much nicer so chill for now, but 'Kick Ass' tomorrow!)

Stay Tuned.

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