Sunday, April 12, 2015

"Salt of the Earth"

"Bob the Bunny" now fully regenerated from the premature hatching from his late winter cocoon is in the garden.

Bob seen here with his niece "Pomponia" is busy turning the earth, and planting seeds. Sez Bob, "...I'm leaving that Spring Cleaning of our digs to Uncle, seems to suit him."

Bob mentions that, "'s never too early to get your Cannabis seeds into the ground. An excellent medicinal plant if ever there was one. Also cucumbers carrots mints, and peppers all good for veggie salads, and stews."

Bob continues, "...What with the world economic collapse banging it's way to us in the pipeline it's good to get used to growing your own." 

"This being so get to your yard or window box, and start planting!"

Wise words from our Hero, and pal "Bob the Bunny".

Stay Tuned.


  1. I was going to write some funny stuff for Bob, but....

    I saw some footage of folks going hungry, and getting shot at beheaded, and chopped up in Mexico which is right next door. I figured to long before this shit crossed the border.

    Then I realized that one third or more of Americans are on food stamps, one quarter...actually really more of Americans are officially poor.


    So plant as much shit as ya can!!!!

  2. Actually the American poverty rate is closer to 40 percent, according to one scholar I know who takes his research seriously.

    That evil stuff in Mexico is confined to the border states and - if I remember correctly - Michoacan. People who live in other parts of Mexico and aren't involved in the drug trade are fine. This from someone who lives there. You're probably right, however, about the nastiness moving up here sooner or later. Our social fabric is a mouldy tattered rag with bugs in it, and anyway it's American demand that drives the whole business.

    I'll be planting again. Three years ago I had a *very* successful veggie garden, but this infuriated the landlord and he destroyed it. I am however permitted a much reduced patch of rather inferior soil, and I suppose it's time to make the most of it. Food isn't getting any cheaper.

    I hope you'll write more funny stuff for Bob. We need the laughs.


  3. Well I could say what happened when I asked if I could use "Bob the Bunny's" picture on my passport...yeah I actually tried. 'Being an old guy evaporates any leftover restraint you might still have.

    They lady didn't think it funny at all...I was hoping I'd get arrested, but they just insisted on my emailing or bringing a regular picture of myself.

    Sure I could have mentioned bombs or interest in tall buildings, but I didn't want to get shot. I just wanted Bob in my passport.

    No sense of the surreal them folks.