Friday, April 17, 2015


Well it's about time these two Maniacs went after each other. It's like New York, and California finally going to War. Everybody knew it would come one day now 'one' of them has.

"Batman vs Superman"

Or the other way round don't matter. The Son of Light, and the Son of Darkness at last have their alley knife fight to the end. Lay on extra butter for the popcorn I'm down for this one.

Btw remember the scene in "I am Legend". Ya know the one where our hero is hunting for deer in an overground Times Square?

There was a building poster for a Superman Batman flick that may never have been shown in that timeline...'cause the bleepin world ended...rats!

Hopefully we'll have better luck, and will live to see this film...oh by the G-ddess that makes the cannabis grow please don't let them greedy stupid Hollywood shit heads fuck this up like they do every summer film!


While on the subject years ago I did a "Batwoman vs Bat-Jerk blog novella". I unearth it here in honor of what I hope ain't a Fucking Giant Ass Fucking Cluster Fuck of a Stinker!

(Beware sloppy gross adult language ahead.)


Eh,...the captions which I'm too lazy to fit between the pictures are basically...

"Eat Shit you Woman Hating Rancid Cock-Fucking Sucker!!"

"You Rotten Douche Nozzle you lie like a Dog in the Sun!" 

"You wouldn't know Truth or Decency if it jumped up your ass, and ate it's way out through your two inch Dick!! 

( you can see this has been building up for a while. Not unlike the shit between Super Guy, and Butt Head up there.)

"This is for making up that shit about being an orphan!

"This for being in fucking business with the damned Joker you fucking rat fuck!!"

"...and THIS! Is for replacing Obama, and his family with them damned evil robots Brainiac built!"

"Change, and Hope my ass!!"

"Are you Dead yet or you want some more?"

*Stay Tuned for Part Two!

This where Batman climbs to his shattered knees, and offers a Deal! 

Will Bat-Woman take it or will she expose, and rid the world of yet another false Hero?!

Tune in, and find out!

Stay Tuned.

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