Friday, April 17, 2015

"Come in Rangoon!",...or Omsk!

Once again I notice my Stats, and who is where. France Russia, and the Ukraine besides the USA seems to be my main audience. Oh yes it varies from time to time. There are of course other nations present.

For a while France was my main overseas audience then during the War over there in the Ukraine. I was clearly thought to be on the Ukraine side so the Russians stopped coming by. 

Actually I wasn't since I like them both I just wanted Peace.

Anyway I guess the Russians are okay with me again since they're here in large numbers...much more than before. I sometime wonder what folks from these faraway places see in what I'm doing.

I would love it if one of these folks would drop radio silence, and tell me. I'd really like that.

I'd even love it if folks from Idaho Wyoming, and such places would tell me as well.

Just a thought.



Stay Tuned.

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