Friday, April 10, 2015


Not that I'm surprised, but the Vatican State, and the Pope seem to have rejected an openly Queer French Ambassador. Looks like the party's over.

Back to medieval business as usual.

I guess it was just a matter of time before the Church Hardliners got control of this guy. I guess it was fun while it lasted. Me I should really know better by now.

This is yet another Obama style let down. As my pals will tell you I'm a first class sucker for that Hope stuff. I really need to get over that jazz.

 Well sure I am,...just not the kind you're thinking of. It's a long story.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Christianity is possessed by demons.

  2. I propose a gift to the Vatican. In the vast plaza before St. Peter's is a very large Egyptian obelisk. This should be replaced by a much more explicitly phallic monumental sculpture, at least 90 feet high. It should be a fountain.


  3. Avera, that is because it has not received the blessing of phallic baptism. Once this has occurred, all will be well. Until then the Church will continue to be ruled by malefic spirits inhabiting the gargoyles perched on Notre Dame and at other such locations.

    Similar monuments are needed at Mecca and Medina, to be similarly deployed. Then the world will be filled with enlightenment and bliss.


  4. Sorry I was asleep for the past few days...any messages?

    Actually I was nodded off for daze...should mention that to my doctor...well that, and blood coming out of places it shouldn't.

    As for the Church fuck'em.

    Been there done that. I was even up for being a priest when a kid. Thing is they didn't want Colored priests back then. Now they'd settle for anyone breathing. I didn't even get a blow job out of all that trouble I went through.

    Well it was a buyers market back then as I say. However today with pickings so slim. My gawd I'd be up to my neck in holy blowjobs. Still no I'm better off not in the cloth...more options.

    Still I like keeping up with what Holy Mother Church is up to...old times sakes ya know. I had real hope for the new well.