Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Don't let them go"

  1. I was out, and about a while ago, and happened to see some soldiers wandering about.  My gawd they’re babies. Granted ‘everybody’ looks like a baby to me these days. However these guys were for real babies. 

    Certainly not out of their teens.

    All over the the world in our assorted eternal war zones young boys too many not even ‘in’ their teens yet have been devoured by war. Eaten by the evil men addicted to blood, and flesh.

    I saw a You Tube video of some demented madman training children to butcher, and kill…I mean just that. The maniac said, and demonstrated how to use the machete for effect. This was in one of those genocidal areas of Africa. 

    I was stunned silent.

    Granted this is nothing particularly new. We’ve been at organized butchery for maybe six seven thousand years. All this started roughly the same time we developed agriculture. Makes sense that. You have a store of grain you’ll have organized armed men that will kill everybody in the village to take it.

    What I’m on about is that Queers should rule the World. Women too. Women would on the whole not allow their sons to go out to butcher, and be butchered. Queers would never allow all those beautiful men, and boys to do any of that madness either.

    Simple solution to a long standing problem.

    No…no big finish. Just don’t let the boys go is all. Stand in front of the troop planes, and trains just stop it. Stop it!

    We all really have much more important, and better things to do. So do the boys, and men.

    Stay tuned.

(Btw I wrote these two posts..here, and below while over on my Queer blog. I happened to be there when all of this hit me. I wrote where I was. I point, and clicked it over here. A little worse for wear.)

The Brit grunt above...what is he?! He looks 14 for heavens sake. I know they take them younger there than here, but so young for combat duties. Seems we're no better that the barbarian armies I mentioned seeing on You Tube.

Stay Tuned. 


  1. Sydney,
    Will McBride makes a good argument that it is the disturbed sexuality of boys that enables them to commit war.

    I have watched his "No War" video over and over wondering how we get to where McBride thinks we need to be:

    My Evolutionary Psychology friend says that when agriculture came war, murder and starvation happened for the first time in the history of man. Before that we were healthy, gentle, peaceful, egalitarian people. This is pretty well documented in "War, peace, and human nature: the convergence of evolutionary and cultural views" Edited by: Douglas P. Fry.

    Maybe we will find a way to Arcadia ... a land of health, peace and prosperity.
    All the best to everyone,
    PS: I just got my copy of "With Walt Whitman In Camden", Maybe it will help us go better into old age. What a nice birthday present you got and I bought for myself. L

  2. I'm with Lukas & McBride hands down! I'm sure that a sanely developed sexuality and the capacity for tenderness have a lot to do with empathy, which is what keeps lads from developing psychopathic tendencies abd turning into war criminals.


  3. Well if boys are hard wired to be soldiers then we have to 'Teach' them to be kind gentle, and sweet. Though true some of us were born that way perhaps most are born grunts.

    We can fix that.