Monday, August 29, 2016

"A Day in the Life"

Some sights here as I stumbled down 8th Avenue in the profoundly baking Emerald City. Near 90f, and humid again. I was on my way to the "Holy Apostles Church" on 9th Avenue. This to unravel my social security problems, and all the other disasters that have sprung from this gleeful mess.

I took a few snaps while on my way to repair my life, such as it is. Well that, and a nice lunch. These swell folks besides having a place dear to NYC Queers. That is it was a safe meeting space for us early 1970's perverts, and assorted trouble makers.

Over 40 years later it still offers me a port in a storm.

Besides all that they help Seniors with all the demented problems that come with being bleeping old, and at the mercy of the Departments of Old Farts.

A free yummy lunch of curry chicken, and veggies hit the spot! I inquired as to their need for volunteers, and such. Yes they need constant

Imagine me back in church,...who'd a thunk it. Oh that's not their lunch counter above. They have a neat set up inside their site to feed the hungry, and comfort the old, and confused...that's me.

Nice banner. Good to know one is welcome. Wish my fellow "Katlicks" were a little more like this. They could take some serious pointers from this outfit.

These guys might actually be real few of that sort around these days. Anyway I have to go 'round again tomorrow to continue with the untangling of my assorted social services disasters. 

This, and I want to see what they may need me to do as a volunteer,....well that, and lunch. Imagine, actual Free Lunch. Bleep it us old timers we earned it!

Stay Tuned.

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