Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Islamic Dolls"

Actually these are just regular Barbie dolls that an artist  turned into Islamic dolls. An act that in some of the nuttier Islamic states could get you imprisoned executed or a hand amputation.

We live in seriously insane times. 

Not unlike the era od European Christian religious wars. Back then they were doing much the same thing as some of today's Muslims. Com'on Jews Christians, and Muslims are all people of the Book.

We actually are praying to the same g-d read the same first five books of the Torah Bible or Koran. Same prophets same Angels, and the same Satan.

'Course this doesn't stop us from butchering each other, and ourselves. For heaven's sakes there are Orthodox Jewish groups in my neighborhood that on the border line of shooting at each other. As a child all the crap between Catholic, and Protestants was alive, and well.

I was forbidden by Church edict from attending Protestant services on pain of Mortal Sin...yeah right.  Totally insane. Btw amongst American Black Muslims there are the same divides as in the Middle-East. They just not shooting at each other for now.

What I'm getting at is that this era of warfare is just a continuation of the ancient Civil War amongst the "People of the Book".

Totally nuts.

I'm thinking of joining the Church of Elvis. They're on the whole harmless...or mostly harmless. Actually maybe I'll just mind my own Cosmic business. Ya know be at awe at the Mulitiverse, and leave it at that.

Stay Tuned.

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  1. I posted this same piece on my Facebook page, and a reader asked, "...Why's that girls standing between two salt shakers?"