Saturday, September 20, 2014

"HELL, and More HELL!"

Our world is an over boiling pot of shit, and innocent blood. Truly we are equaling the misery in 2014 that our great grand parents saw in 1914. Pestilence, and Genocidal Warfare  wherever we look.

Okay not everywhere.

My block is quiet so far. In fact most of us in the west are sitting pretty. As sick fucked up, and broke as I am I'm doing swell. Certainly compared to the literal Billions that don't even have access to fresh water.

Yeah I said "Billions".

Hell even me even someone with all my problems is living like an Imperial Pasha compared to most human beings running about this sad world today. 

Heck my biggest problem at the moment is that I can't get the cable channels I want. That, and I'm facing an insurance paperwork nightmare to fix my Meds problems.

Naw don't feel sorry for me,...though I can use all the sympathy I can get. As bipeds go on this hell-hole world I'm fine thanks. I'm just having a spiritual mental meltdown at all the oceans of blood being gutted out of my fellow proles around the world is all.

So music I'm listening to a lot of music.

Listen to some of Patrick Cassidy's "Deirdre of the Sorrows". Good stuff in there. It's the whole album...I figured what the hell. Post the whole bleeping thing. can pull out which ever part you like.

If I were still a person of religious faith I'd be praying like Hell to whoever bothers to listen. I have no idea if there's anybody out there or if there is do they give a rats ass about us, and our self-inflicted blood splattered mayhem.

I think if there is this "Esteemed Presence" wants us to fix our madness on our own. Seeing as how we all have everything we need to do just that. The "BIG GUY" chooses not to stick Her finger into our messy pie.

So yeah 'we' can fix this.

It's actually easy, but you know how shit is. People are basically insane always were always will be, but we have these moments of clarity. Like when we invented ice cream, and jokes. Stuff like that which keeps the whole stinking lot of us going.

So we need the simplicity, and vision of the folks that invented the ball-point pen or comic books shit like that. Naw no big deal with guys in robes at the U.N. or nothing.

Just real simple stuff like, "...Hey lets stop chopping off heads, and get high instead,...anybody got chocolate brownies?!

Stay Tuned. 


  1. "Our world is an over boiling pot of shit..."

    I've been thinking this a lot lately.

    It sounds like you've got basic security - a roof overhead, regular meals, basic healthcare and, it seems, the likelihood of their continuance. I wish I had such assurance. I've been losing a lot of sleep over my own situation.

    Nice images, BTW. Weird, but nice.


  2. I hope good things for you. As for my security..well family. They don't want me on the street again. Imagine that. Still stand fast my dear friend.