Friday, September 26, 2014

"Farewell to Summer"

Well with October staring us in the face we might as well kiss Summer goodbye or good riddance depending on how much you like humidity. What with global Climate change we get just a bit more than an extra month of summer heat in many parts of the world.

Good for the growing season in the short term. A disaster in the long what with expansion of deserts melting of glaciers shifts in animal, and insect habituation, and all that fun stuff that spells Doom in the long run for most of us.

Still I look forward to Fall.

I've always liked that coming time of year. The winds are crisp cool, and scented. Sort'a still mostly, and the skies are deep blue. Loves that. When I'm more ambulatory I'll start taking them long walks around the City as I did last fall.

I'll take snaps, and annoy'n bore you all by posting them here. I would post naked people, and stuff. In fact I wanted to put up some skinny dipping scouts for this post, but don't feel like getting deleted again.

Besides there's plenty of naked people online so ya don't need me for that.

I'll be back later,...need to lay down for a spell.

...oh bleep it!

Here's a skinny dipper after all. I think he's modest enough even for blogger. "So long summer don't let the door kick you in the butt on ya way out!"

Stay Tuned.

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