Monday, September 22, 2014

"Have a Nice Day"

I'm very happy that near a Half Million folks came out for the "Climate Change March" here in the Emerald City. Like I said to pals..."Looks like I missed Woodstock again."


Unfortunately here's the real skinny on the "Global Climate Change" deal. As some researchers have been quietly saying it's 'already' too late. Yeah comrades ya heard right. We're fucked, and that's that.

The Greenies could have every wet dream scheme of theirs come true, but it won't change shit.

You could turn off every appliance shut down every power plant  close up every mine stop every clear cut of our forests junk every car go live in what's left of the woods eat grass fuck weasels, and sleep in hollowed out logs, and it still wouldn't mean bleep.

Comrades as many of you suspect the famed "Tipping Point" of the planetary balance was reached back in the last century.

Drastic climate change is here, and ongoing.

For heaven's sakes just go to YouTube, and punch up climate fuck-ups for the last 20 years or so. Believe me you'll get an eyeful. 

Okay don't like popular hysteria...fine. 

Then use the thing you're on now to look up government, and scholarly works on the subject. Granted not as much fun as watching cities, and towns get washed out to sea, but it'll tell you basically the same scary story.

We're Fucked.
On the 'up' side this doesn't mean the end of our species. Not a chance. We're too mean, and stupid for that. Com'on we're nature's bipedal roaches. 

We can take 'anything'. 

We're the guys that made it out of the last "Ice Fucking Age" in better shape than when we went into it...not bleeping bad for hairless or mostly hairless monkeys huh?

Btw we also made it through decades of a Volcanic Winter that wiped out 99% of us about 70,000 years ago. Look that jazz up. We were reduced some eggheads think to as little as a few thousand to a few hundred females capable of bearing children.

Thank you Great Grandma!!

Some think this was the origin of Matriarchal Societies, and G-ddess worship...sounds likely. 

We held up in caves on the east coast of South Africa till the coast was clear, and we could spread out from Africa...again. This is also why there's almost no genetic drift amongst us. 

We the whole stinking fucked up lot of us are descended from that precious handful of swell ladies. 

We're all first cousins. 

I love shoving this fact into the faces of bigots white, and me a cute chuckle.

So don't worry.

Yeah the world 'is' fucked, but we're probably going to stick around in some form. Not as many for sure. Not as comfy for 'damned' sure. So enjoy the pizza getting delivered the cable your car the subway the routine of civilization while you can.

However prepare your grand kids for a very Long very Nasty Dark Age that's even now coming down your block.

Otherwise have a nice day.

Stay Tuned. 


  1. Yep, that's right! If you want live on the coast, it's a good idea to have a house that floats. The only thing that'll stop it from getting even worse than it's gonna get is the fact that we're eventually gonna run out of usable oil & coal & gas. Dark Age here we come!

    Dr. Richard Leakey (remember him?) & Co. settled it a long time ago: nobody ever lived that was not of African descent. The physical evidence is overwhelming.


  2. In a way I'm glad I'm 248. I won't be here to see when the shit really hits the blades! However my Grand Nieces, and Nephews will. For them I can only leave Warnings, and Prayers.

    This ain't nearly the "World of Tomorrow" we was banking on.