Saturday, May 28, 2016

"The White House in 2020"

Ya know the end of our Republic...the end of America is not actually the end of the world. I mean folks in Mongolia won't notice a thing, and the fucking French will just be more smug.

Sure we'll be fucked coming, and going, but so what. Most of the world is the same right now anyway. This shit will just spread the fun around more evenly. Granted the Crowning  of our pal Trump will be like the 19th century "Know Nothing Party" getting the White them guys.

In the historic scheme of things it's no big deal.  

So another democracy implodes...what else is new. Although yeah this particular imploded "democracy" has enough nukes to fry the world 100 times over. Still what the hell.

We'll still be here rooting around trying with much more difficulty to survive. However the fried chicken will still be there internet porn, and the pizza will mostly still be delivered. 

I mean other than the mass deportations the internment camps the execution of Queers the starvation of the poor the re-institution of segregation and half a dozen countries declaring war on us. Things will more or less be the same. 

It ain't the end of the World.

So cheer up.

Stay Tuned.

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