Monday, May 9, 2016

"Who's on First"

As for my religious faith...thanks to my genealogist sister Sylvia I now know what I am. Btw this holy evolution...excuse the word, seems to have happened over just 18 months.

Well seems I started out Baptist then became Episcopalian,, C.of E., and the final baptism had me as Roman Catholic. I actually remember that one.

I clearly recall being lifted up, and having my head dunked into the fount. I was about three or so for the festivities. All this according to a recently discovered note written by my Mom.

Everyone was there it seems.

All of my Aunts Uncles, and I think one of my Grandma's...I have to look at the note again for that. Also it was sweet to see my mother's beautiful hand writing once more.
My G-d parents were my Aunts Agnes, Pauline, and my Uncle George. Also my older cousin James...Jimmy.

All this of course doesn't count the various spiritual adventures I've had since that glorious day in September 1953. This when I was embraced into the ample bosom of Holy Mother Church.

Suffice to was 'real'.

Here above are some of the stand by's, and one direct participant in the great event.

My Aunts Elaine Sybil, and Agnes.

Ain't family neat.

Stay Tuned.

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  1. That's interesting. I had an uncle Jimmy, whom I met when I was a small boy. He was a fun kinda guy and I liked him. He was a merchant seaman and died at sea - of natural causes, they said; but his wife reported that his body had bruises all over it. A few months later, the captain of his ship was found dead on the dock in Richmond CA; or so I am told.