Friday, May 13, 2016

"A Reply"

A cynical trouble maker responds to this above swell animation. 

Eh..yeah as far as it goes sure that Marx guy had a point,...but there 'was' that Stalin guy..., and Che signing all them death warrants....all them Eastern European "Animal Farm" like post-war Commie States...the stupid even suicidal behavior of the western left...Still okay that Marx guy had a point I guess. Tho' Castro did abolish Christmas, and not Prisons. 

The bleeping Chinese Reds execute you for J-Walking...the "Shining Path wiping out whole towns as a means of "Educating" the Masses...the Cambodian "Khmer Rouge"exterminating Three Million of their own folks.

However even with Marx pointing out the obvious to us we're still fucked up. 

Every time someone tries to take 'his' advice they end up with some sort of Gulag. If they go the Adam Smith way...pretty much the same...only 'his' gulag has cable, and Pepsi. 

So I guess the ultimate choice for the Workers they want Bread, and Water or Cable, and Pepsi.

I guess I'll have to think about this. 

...guests of the "Khmer Rouge" 1975.

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