Monday, May 9, 2016

"New Blog!"

Oh the happiness of everyday life. I can hardly contain my joy. In other news I've just brought back my many times deleted Queer page "Dragonfly"! Yippie! 

Yep what the hell. 

What's the worse they can do beside draw quarter hang, and stone me.

Heck..piece of cake!

See the link on the lower right with all the other fine connections. (...or click on red lettering.>>>) I calls it "Dragonfly Nouveau" this time around.

Btw naw seems I can't post technicolor stills of the "Great Naked Boy Scout Jamboree of 1957".

Seems there's a 200 year lid on that...we still have a ways to go. 

However there's plenty of rants stories, and art for the "conosir d'art". 

Which is to say extremely soft Queer Cock-less Porn.  

Hey we do the best we can within the bigoted fearful ignorant stupid arbitrary narrow confines we exist in...get it? Good, so have a look.

Stay Tuned.

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