Sunday, May 1, 2016

"...Didn't See It"

Actually least in my experience. Them Angel folks don't look anything like junior up there. Okay now, and then a few, but mostly no. Thing is if they take human shape at all...which they usually don't. If they morph into one of us it's usually some slob you wouldn't notice.

Just another character stumbling by is what they like to be. Take for example the time one of them yanked me from the path of a fucking big midtown bus that I somehow managed not to notice coming dead at me.

First of all how the hell did that happen.

Ya figure a guy would notice a zillion tons of speeding steel coming at'em. 'But somehow I didn't. Sort of like the French Aristocracy, and hopefully the current One Percent I didn't see the shit coming.

Anyway the Holy Bastard yanks me  back by the collar'n yells, "...Look out ya Jerk!", and saves my useless, and generally uncomfortable life. Before I knows what's happening he going down the street mumbling "...fuck'n moron", and vanishes into a crowd of the sweaty uninsured, and over taxed.

Shit like this happens to me all the time.

Ya know sometimes we all get to be Angels or whatever. I saved a kid from going over a railing into the river once. What can I say right place right time. I'm sure you've had this sort of thing happen too.

So as they said at the end of that neat series on Fox years ago. "Millennium". Look it up, and get the second season's boxed set...forget the others...just the Second Season. Okay.

Anyhow it ends with the hero "Frank Black" saying...


...Get it?

We all look out for each other.

That or we're all unpaid off the books Angels. ....Well gang that's tonight's moral. I'm wasted so I'm going to lay down for a while. Be back later.

Stay Tuned.

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  1. Speaking of angels, my obsession with El Carpeta has caused me to track down information about gypsies, especially Spanish gypsies. Turns out they are made to put up with a lot of shit. For instance, a doco vid I watched lately spells out the following:

    If a few gypsies - say, a handful of middle-aged gal pals - show up at a restaurant, they are often told that the table they want is reserved, when it shows every appearance of being available. Or they may simply be refused service.

    When they go shopping, gypsies find that in-store security is all over their ass, as if they were natural-born thieves who must be watched every moment.

    Poor gypsies - probably most of them - are made to live in ghetto developments where the quality of housing is substandard and the general look and feel of the neighborhood is depressing. Public sports and playground facilities are poorly maintained if at all, and the authorities - who of course are responsible for maintenance - often use this as an excuse to shut them down.

    When gypsies go looking for a job and have to give such a barrio as their address, they don't get hired, being thereby considered undesirables. Of course they're likely to be refused employment anyway simply on account of being gypsies.

    Licensing requirements for street vending - a traditional source of livelihood for gypsies - are surprisingly onerous, and are likely designed to make their lives difficult.

    A teenage gypsy boy strolling around the barrio, alone or with friends, is likely to be stopped and hassled by police, and is at risk of being beaten by them. If he complains of such an assault to the authorities, police retaliation will likely be very severe. There are cases of gypsy youths in such circumstances being beaten to death. This sort of thing can happen to kids with no criminal record whatsoever.

    Life expectancy for gypsy men is ten years less than for non-gypsies. For women, the difference is fifteen years.

    Does all this sound kind of familiar? To me it sounds like the USA for blacks, especially before Civil Rights. I hafta say, it kind of takes some of the shine off of Europe for me. The homeland of western civilization is also a wellspring of white racism. I suppose it's all connected in various ways with the ideologies that support colonialism and imperialism.

    I'm sure not all Europeans are anti-gypsy. But overall it's not a pretty picture. And Spain isn't The worst, by any means.