Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Grumman TBF"

I can't explain it. Commie Queer pornographer Anarchist part-time Pacifist lay about that I am I just loves Navy aircraft of WW2. In particular the Grumman TBF torpedo bomber.

(...yeah okay for you fanatics out there General Motors made a version too.)

This sweetheart took big loses in the battle of Midway it's maiden fight.  It took 80%+!!! Google it...Yikes!! However it went on to prove itself during the rest of the conflict.

I think it's just the look of the thing, and it's bitter early history that attracts me. Oddly enough I've never had much luck building scale models of the damned thing.

It's complex as hell both as a real aircraft, and a model kit. 

Good grief.


  1. We all have our atavistic urges. Plus there's the Freudian symbolism thing - in this case maybe an airplane is more than just a fuselage. It's a power symbol.
    In my case, this has taken the form of a middle-aged revival of my boyhood interest in sailboats, especially fast ones.


  2. I'm partial to Grumman Hellcats too. My Mom worked on these at the Grumman factory on Long Island during the War. She was there for the famous U-Boat scare in '43.

    Oh sailboats. Such works of beauty those! In Paradise everybody gets to have one. docking too.

  3. Sydney, A local historical aircraft group just re-built a TBM Avenger up here near Hagerstown, MD. It's in flying condition, but not on display yet. I helped weigh it at work three weeks ago.

  4. Fantastic!

    Is there a website for the project? "Flying condition", still my heart!

  5. Not that I know of. But I'm looking. I'll let you know