Friday, October 18, 2013

"Our Little Pal the FLU"

This is one of them flu bugs enlarged two hundred zillion trillion killion times. It was a bunch of little bastards like this that kicked the living crap out'a me for near two weeks now.

Since just before I posted them doll snap shots in the park...scroll down for them they're cute as hell. I'm planning to do a simple doll animation soon btw.

However to my recent adventure.

These evil shits had me down in bed or crapping or puking or gasping for breath. More than once I would'a called 911 for them Emergency Guys to come save my live, but was actually too weak to reach for the damned phone!

Now that's sick.

I live alone too so I could'a died, and no one would'a known till I began to stink the place up. Btw that's how you know someone's bought it in this town or any big town. 

Nobody talks to anybody because they may be a crazed maniac serial head chopper or cannibal. So a nod in the hallway is as far as it goes. In fact for some that goes too far. 

Anyway so there I am puking my guts out, and hemorrhaging nasally all over the yucky yuck yuck. All because these damned little bugs like living in our guts. 

Btw they move around. 

First my chest then head then guts then nasal action which is where all that bloody hemorrhaging came from. I'm just starting to recover. I feel Like I went 20 rounds with a young pissed off Sonny Liston.

Aw man am I wrecked.

Back in the day when I lived with my cousin she'd take care of me. Remember when I said when a loved one a relative or pal takes care you you can taste the love in their chicken soup...well them were the daze.

So here I am now in my new weird life as an increasingly elderly deranged all alone shut-in Queer/Science Fiction/Comix Book/Angel/Faerie/Indian/Chinese food/Mystery Novel fan/Anarchist Commie Pornographer part-time Radio Broadcaster Writer Publisher/Roman Catholic Buddhist/Liberal Democrat Layabout.

Did I mention newly impoverished living on Unemployment/Severance/soon Food Stamps/...the bastards just cut off my insurance so also soon on the  State Heath Plan over at Coney Island Hospital. 

Yeah the same one that was partially washed out to sea during Sandy. Holy shit was that a night to remember!

Swell so far huh.

Still I got it better than Millions that's with a frigging "M"! Millions of other poor slobs in this benighted sad fucked up country. I'm in a semi-progressive State with tons of stuff for the victims of the economy.

I've also got family, and pals that love, and care for me. 

My gawd even my listeners from my radio life send me stuff...I'm supposed to turn all them love offerings over to management. That rule goes back to the payola scandals of the 1950's.

Yeah right!

Fuck them betraying two face shit eating bleep bleepers up their jacks! I'm keep that action...bleep them!

All in all terrifying as it all is I have my roof over my head, and I'm still eating curried chicken. Other than life threatening illness so far so good.

I'll let you know if the Alien Abductions start up again.

Stay tuned.


  1. The flu bites doggy doo doo! So sorry to hear you had to go through all that. Stay well! I find that some nice fresh water in which a sliced lemon has been simmering for a while seems to help hold these politician-like pests at bay.


  2. Yuck...I was down with this crap for over two weeks. I'm just getting it together to go out now. I got to admit this one had me worried. I'm not interested in kicking the bucket this week.

    Time to sit quietly in the park soaking up sun like the old grey goat I am these daze.