Sunday, October 6, 2013


Okay here's the deal...the *Knight is us, and the Dragon is the 1%. Get the idea here. We take out the Rich, and Eat them. Well okay, okay not mostly.

(...just the ribs, and steaks.)

I think we got's to go into the street, and raise some Holy Hell again like the kids tried a few years ago with all that Occupy noise. It was a good idea...sort of scatter brained totally un-thought out mayhem in a playful sort of way, but still a good idea.

Damn maybe this is what I should do with my time now that I'm all kicked out to pasture with nothing to do. Worse that could happen is that I'll have the living shit kicked out'a me by Nazi private police goons then get tossed into the frigging klink. When I can play chess, and watch daytime TV with assorted cut throats, and the unemployed.

Hell I'm pretty much doing that now.

Oh Brave New World that has me stuck in it!

*(Btw I took the photo of the Knight'n Dragon. There more of this weird stuff further down if ya interested.)

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  1. Tally ho Sir Knight! Stick it to 'em.