Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Gravity",...Holy Shit!

Like I sez, "...Holy Fucking Shit!!" What a ride. It starts off like watching live stuff from the NASA channel of the quiet of space, and the folks that work there. Already I'm hooked. 

There's no sound in space.

Something film makers seem not to get. Anyway all's well the space jocks are going about their business...then BLAMO!!!!!!

We're off to the races! Not a dull moment for the rest of the flick. Yeah this get's the Uncle Sydney Red Banner People's Sci/Fi Award  for finally doing a space movie right!

Go see it,...okay the movies are expensive, and all the dough goes to rich bastards busy snorting coke, and having oral sex with assorted underage mammals.  But still...

Anyway I'm an old guy now so get in on the Senior discount. ...popcorn, and soda is discounted too!

...who knew?!

Stay Tuned.

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