Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Wanted, Gawd,...No Experience Needed"

A follow up on our 'Bulletin' above!  With the passing of the Lord of Hosts in the orbit of Mars a general call has been put out by a Synod of all the major, and wack job religions of the world.

A casting call to the multitudes for the job of Supreme Being.  

On the retrieval, and careful examination of the previous Gawd it was found the he was just some guy. No holy whizbangs whatever.

He apparently was Hatfield Broadjump a former plumper for the Kansas City Department of Mental Hygene. He went missing on his lunch break in 1932, and it seems had been Gawd ever since.

Btw his death along with the deaths of the others found in Mars orbit remains a mystery.

Seems a contract was found in the back pocket of his liquid metal robes detailing the job, and how it's gained, and passed on. According to this document this has been going on forever. Our Gawds are just regular folks chosen at random to care take this end of creation.

Apparently there are other Gawds all over the universe doing the same thing for their patch. As for if there's a Boss of Bosses somewhere we don't know. Which sort of puts us right back where we started in this whole religion gawd thing.

Anyway once the sucker is chosen, and the contract signed, with just a pen. None of that signed in blood stuff for this gig. All that noise is set aside for the 'other' position. Ahem.

Once the mark is signed sealed, and delivered he gets all the powers, and hard times all gawds have to put up with. As the contract sez, "...Chose Carefully.

Well one of the first contestants is the above. A likely young lad named "Jimmy" from Muskrat Dance Saskatchewan. 'Sez he likes animals skate boarding the glee club, and dressing up. In fact he designed the outfit he wore above for his interview.

Humm...has possibilities.

I'll post again on this as more contestants come through.

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