Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Uncle Crisp"

Above are portraits of the young Quentin Crisp. Truly a Gay Blade before his time. Btw I had the honor, and swell fun of being acquainted with him. He would sometimes come to be interviewed at WBAI, when I was an engineer there.

Here I name drop, and try to bask in reflected sunshine. Chatting with Quentin from time to time I once mentioned that I did small self published Queer art books. He asked to see one the next time he came by.

The above Angel/Faerie lad is from the book I gave him. He smiled that Quentin smile wagged his finger at me, and said, "...this is delightfully naughty". He asked me to sign it for him, and I did.

He was well loved, and is deeply missed.

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