Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Raining Nuts"

So there I am minding my own damned business when I gets knocked on the head...several times. I was in the park..always a mistake..anyway I was pointlessly wandering around when all the trees decide to shed their acorns at the same time.


I wish I had a flame thrower so I could've burnt down the whole shebang!
Maybe some fragmentation grenades too to toss into the crowd for effect. Yeah it's been a swell week here in the land of the retired. Boredom is da Devils torture device factory.

Awww I'm okay just going slightly more nuts is all.

I still haven't decided what to do with the three or four years I have left to live. Travel maybe. Become a street performer? Some sort of criminal or an Auxiliary Cop perhaps.

I could become an alcoholic only trouble is I'm allergic to the stuff. I thought about becoming a drug addict, but that's too expensive for me on my tiny income these days.

Aw well watching TV, and sleeping all the time ain't that bad. 'Could join some weird club. Ya know like the "Society for the study of the weird stuff that turns up behind your fridge".

Don't worry I'll think of something.

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