Saturday, November 2, 2013

"George Stinney"

george junius stinney jr birthday
There is no record of a confession. No physical evidence that he committed the crime exists. His trial — if you want to call it that — lasted less than two hours. No witnesses were called. No defense evidence was presented. And the all-White jury deliberated for all of 10 minutes before sentencing him to death.
On June 16, 1944, his frail, 5-foot-1, 95-pound body was strapped in to an electric chair at a state correctional facility in Columbia, S.C. Dictionaries had to be stacked on the seat of the chair so that he could properly sit in the seat. But even that didn’t help. When the first jolts of electricity hit him, the head mask reportedly slipped off, revealing the agony on his face and the tears streaming down his cheeks. Only after several more jolts of electricity did the boy die.

Our history is full of atrocity stories like this. Indeed these stories continue for the un-rich un-white, and un-lucky. Sorry to disturb your routine, but when I came across this particular historical item I felt compelled to share it. 

It says both what we were still are to a degree, and how far we've come.

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