Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"A Day in the Life"

Well I was home packing. I'm moving to other digs. Anyway I went out to the store to get more bubble wrap, and locked myself out.


So I head up to the radio station, former employer WBAI/CUNY. The damned place is 5000 miles away. I truges up there  to get my other set of keys. Though laid off I'm still part of that madhouse,...why I don't know.

Btw I swore I'd never go back there. I hate what's happened, and the crew that continuing to fuck things up,...even now still they're at it. Like I told a pal I just want my damned money so I can leave the City, and live out my life somewhere fresh.

Aw well as usual I got talked out'a all that noise by my close dear friends,...yeah I'm a push over.
Loves my friends though. I couldn't have got this far after the Wipe Out without them.

Anyway while in my usual delirium on the long very long long subway  ride. It hit's me that this is the usual time of year I clean re-ball, and re-string the 'Bai Tree. We used to keep it up all year in the News Room. The crew in there particularly liked it.

Yeah some of the commie morons, and race nuts in the general population though had issue with it, but fuck'em 'all' to fucking hell.

No I don't mean that in a 'nice' way.

Them deranged fanatical bleeps, and their monomaniacal demented obsessive bullshit is mostly the reason this place went belly up. Some of these guys are still apologist for Pol Pot them Shining Path butchers, and that first class murderer, and grossly incompetent nut job Mugabe..

But I digress.

So I'm sitting on the train there across from this guy dressed up like a Thanksgiving Indian, and I decides to put the damned tree back up. We brought it with us to the CUNY campus last winter. In fact Jose the last Head of the WBAI News Department personally carried it there...Bless you Jose I miss you like crazy!

So I did the, and the Tree's good to go.

The sane staff loved our tree so it's back. So long as the Tree lives the Station, WBAI,  Lives, least in Spirit.

Anyway that's my good deed for the week.

The ride back to the world was hell on wheels...literally. The No.1 train decides to crap out so we all get stuffed onto buses to Times Square. We get dumped out there into a mob of frigging tourists that think the City is some sort of amusement park.

They suddenly stop stock still on the sidewalk. Gang sidewalk traffic in da big City is the same as street traffic..see there's zillions of us steamy beefer's around here walking like others drive. You stop, and there's a pile-up!

Anyway I kicked the living crap out'a that stupid rube, and fought my way to the No.4 line, and went the hell home.

Okay I only thought about pounding that jerk into th ground, but I still made it home. Btw isn't that where we all wanna go after a day in the life.

Stay Tuned

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