Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Speaking of Dreams"

You ever wonder about the people in your dreams. No not your dog or people you know I mean the 'Others'. You dream, and there are people in it, People that you know, but only in your dreams.

Who are they?

You have complex relationships with a whole cast of characters. Whom on awaking vanish. You forget them or at best have only a vague notion of them.

What happens I wonder. To all those people I mean. Do they go on living their lives in the dream you've awakened from. Not knowing where the world they live I came from.

...or do the cease.

Dreams we now know are brief. Mere seconds or at most a few minutes long. However within this small interval our dream companions have a whole existence.  Do they know that their world or worlds are born, and perish by our sleeping, and waking.

In their last subjective thoughts do the realize the truth.

We are the sum of so many forgotten realms. I wonder if our Dream Children as their reality starts to de-pixelize as their world fades. I wonder if their last thought before oblivion is...

"Oh!...I was a Dream.

Then gone.

Till next time.


  1. Hey, that's Little Nemo in Slumberland - the greatest comic strip ever, IMHO! You can see ensconced in that tower or airship or whatever it is King Morpheus and Dr. Pill (or is it Flip?) and a couple of other characters. Wonderful fantasy strip. The movie was kinda lame by comparison.


  2. ...that film was a real drag, and disappointment.

    Nemo deserved better.