Saturday, November 2, 2013


Actually I miss all that irrational hooha. It was fun, and hopeful. We tossed our rationality out the window because Moses was gonna be King. We over looked in a big way that he was just some guy. 

A guy with sweeping auditory talents, but who was mostly just a well meaning guy.  A nice guy who was about to be shoved into the wood chipper by the Republicans, and their evil love children the Tea Party.

Practical politics mutated with corrosive race relations, and a deformed economy would fuck over Gandhi Tinkerbell the Tooth Faerie Santa, and our collective Grandmothers. So it's no surprise that Obama never had a chance.

Okay he's set the foundations for what may in a generation or two be a National Health System for this ruined benighted wreck of an empire. 

Yeah at last that happened. Though it'll be an endless fight to keep the Nazi's from tearing it apart so we can all once again be "free" not to be able to get help when we're drastically ill. 

Aw well we all do the best we can.

Stay tuned.


  1. You won't get "the help you need" even with Obama's "Affordable Care Act". Have you become a true believer Sidney? No one in power gives a shit about you or me or anyone like us. Get used to it.

  2. Yeah yeah I know all that.

    I'm just blowing sunshine up my own butt. I still think he's a nice guy that was overcome by the reality of how shit really works. Hence his constant failures.

    Still like Medicaid Medicare, and other crumbs I think "Obamacare" will evolve into a similar crumb for the hapless proles.

    Too late for me, but maybe in time for my grand nieces, and nephews.