Saturday, November 9, 2013

"You're Gonna WHAT?!"

 "What's for dinner dad?" "'ll find out."

Yeah I'm always complaining about G-d...sue me. So the "Big Three", and their spinoffs, and barnacles. Jews Christians, and Islamist, and their assorted blood thirsty franchises all come from this guy Abraham.

Yeah thanks pal all the beheaded burned at the stake, and stoned really appreciate all your hard work...thanks.

Of course it's all the same demented religion locked in an eternal civil war. Same prophets same booming voice coming out'a the sky same Angels, and the same damned lawyers!

Btw I always find it a hoot how Americans view this whole shebang. 

I mean what with them being so profoundly mis-educated or just plain never educated! Btw I read out there somewhere that the American I.Q. has gone down 10 points in the last 20 years, and is still falling relative to the rest of the universe.


Get this...our fellow Yanks think that Allah is some other gawd like Zeus or the Tooth Fairy. Seems we have no knowledge of the common roots of all these nut cults. Say "People of the Book", and get blank stares.


Alright I still can't do algebra, but com'on.

Anyway as them Islam guys say, "...G-d is G-d". Sounds okay to me. I mean the Jews have been dealing with the Abrahamic  gawd forever. Btw He ain't a particularly nice guy.

I mean what with him having his personal assassins the Angels whacking whole nations on His say so. That, and his giving the nod to having his favorites over run towns, and cities smashing babies heads against the walls hacking down the men, and boys,...ah, but he lets them keep the maidens as their concubines.

Okay guys go steal their wheat, and cattle kill all the guys, but you  can rape all the little girls...knock ya selves out.

Is it me or is there a problem here.

So everybody's worshiping Abraham's fantasy gawd stealing cattle banging the maidens, and all's well with the world. 

Then The Christians do a re-write in which the Big Guy sez, '...Okay okay maybe I was a bit rough on you guys...tell ya what I'm sending my Son down to straighten all that shit out. He's a nice guy you'll like Him.

'Course we nail him to a tree five minutes after he gets here. Ah, but he fools us..he rises from the dead, and there's another re-write.

The Islamist say yeah all very nice, but we don't buy it. "...give us a break If ya gonna make stuff up have some style for Christ's sake." The Jews say ya both demented whack jobs. "Beat it, and leave us alone!"

There ya has it. If you want more tune in to CNN.


  1. I couldn't agree more with all your major points. If you want to find out more about how dumb Americans have gotten, check out Morris Berman's blog Dark Ages America. He covers a lot of bases.

    As for Abraham: Michael Palin reports in his travelogue on the Saharan region that what he found was celebrated there in that patriarch's honor was not that The Lord in his mercy spared Isaac, but rather the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son. So we're talking about a religion that explicitly celebrates human sacrifice and the preparedness to commit it. The world would be a better place without these monotheisms.


  2. Oh this gives me such a headache. I almost don't blame he Big Guy for letting loose with them floods.