Saturday, November 9, 2013

'Life, and Death"

Isn't it amazing how we're still alive after all the crap we've been through. I say this to old comrades sometimes. Have you ever been in a situation where you could have lost your life. I mean Kilt fucking cold stone dead?

Violence accidents sickness disasters or just the stupid bullshit that just happens? I mean there you are the bleep hits he fan your blood turns to ice water, and all that fight or flight action kicks in.

Nature evolution the works it all kicks in. In your control room every light is blinking bright red it's Def-con One!!! You're eyes are bugging out ya hearts races you're bleeping drooling, and climbing over everybody, and everything to save your wretched butt!


Crisis over. Back to normal.

All lights green, and calm. 

This is what soldier's say,..the one's who'll talk, this is what they say Battle is like. One moment you're just sitting there smoking scratching ya butt,.....the BLAMO!!!!!

Bullets shrapnel guts heads brains is flying everywhere...then just like that nothing. All quiet like it all never happened.

Same with animals on the kill. One moment dust, and blood...then quiet.

Life, and Death is like that. Just like that.

I know this. So do a lot of you.

Once again a story from my life. I was out at University in Ohio as a youth. I was walking between towns in the great flatness of the region. I didn't have a car, and I was broke..ya know. 

Anyway it's the middle of the night I'm walking on the center traffic line...yeah stupid. I'm walking, and happen to turn around...


There a few yards behind is a zillions tons of rolling steel coming straight for me. The driver didn't see me, and I didn't hear the big rig. You can't hear them things from behind especially if the wind is against you...which it was.

I leap into the ditch on the side of the road, and the monster misses me by inches. I lay there frozen for some minutes, but then just continue on. I was 19, and all 19 year old's are immortal.

This is why we made such good cannon fodder. 

That was that. 

Such is life, and death. No poetry no g-ds, no mystery. Just Bam!, and you bought it or blip, and you walk away.

It's all very simple really.



  1. I had a traumatic flat tire incident the other night: stuck after dark in a big town, with no way to pay for towing and hardly enough for a taxi. And it's the second time this year! Fortunately it wasn't a particularly bad part of town, just desolate. It took all next day to resolve the situation. Every time these things happen I feel the stress physically impacting me for days afterward. I fucking hate it! And the towing company left me twisting in the wind. Why can't we live in a sweet queer commie paradise instead of this brutal corporatist state? This country is such a disaster.


  2. I know dear comrade it's evil out there. Sorry you got chewed by the machine.We do what good we can where ever we are, and that's all we can do. Chill you're a good soul not too many around thess daze so be careful. Peace to you.