Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Regime Change"

Proles aka da People are frigging stupid. I don't know how it happened, but most of us are first class dimwits. Maybe they put something in the cheeseburgers I dunno. 'Course our owners know we're dummies which is why they work so hard keeping the lot of us uneducated, and distracted.

Yeah porno drugs cable pizza, and computer games. Yep no revolution here we're too fat'n happy.

I mean here we are with a standard of living falling through a black hole at the speed of light. Every one is losing everything yet zip has changed.

Shit ain't gonna change neither.

Yeah yeah there was that Occupy thing a few years ago, but the heat took them out. The Feds, and local cops got together, and basically wiped the kids out. So everybody's gone back to watching reality shows, and wishing they could win the Power Ball, and or shoot their boss.

Ya noticed that. Alot of folks just going super postal, and randomly shooting the hell out their 'Hood. Misdirected rage on a grand scale that. 

Btw there's a reason for all the pulp art above. One it's cool, and the other it sort'a illustrates a possible solution to our deranged dilemma.

Alright not a real solution this is a personal fantasy of mine is all. What I mean is that it would be much better if we ran this country in fact the whole damned insane murderous world like they did in the 1930's pulp 'zines.

In them things the whole shebang is ruled by "The Grand Council of Galactic Elders" "The Supreme Forum of Scientists" "Fathers of the Mystic Knights of the Seas" or some big guy named "Gort".

Sure they would be on the stern side of cruel when it came to trouble makers, and liberals, but hey with them running the show they'd straighten out the multiverse, and the Luna Ferry would run on time. 

...heck they might even get that Second Avenue subway thing finished! 

The damned thing has been under construction since the mid-1920's. We're coming up on it's centennial of non-opening. You think I'm kidding? Man it'd be worth being ruled by them Galactic assholes just to get that thing finally done.

'Sides after we let the neo-Facists fix everything we can always just have some "Lone Gunmen" whack them.  Win win as far as I see.

Stay Tuned.

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