Monday, November 18, 2013

"Family Reunion"

I was told by my Mom shortly before she passed away that I had another sister, and brother. My mother had two abortions. This was in the 1950's when it was illegal even shameful to do this. So my mother didn't tell me  of this till she was on her death bed.

I have an older brother, and a younger sister. Both unborn.

I believe in the reality the truth of the immortal soul. So I imagine in circumstances unimaginable to this world I will one day meet these long lost members of my family.

I also have a child. This soul was lost to a miscarrige

She or he I sometimes see in dreams. I suppose this is why I love babies, and children so much. So I have family I will meet in another reality. Amazing to ponder that, and I do. Often.

I don't know what the souls of the unborn are called. The aborted miscarried or those who died with their mothers in accidents or by violence.

There should be a sweet, and gentle name for them.

If there isn't then we should think about making one up

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