Saturday, November 16, 2013

"The Trotsky Account"

Well okay I had a nap, and some chicken noodle soup, and feel a bit stronger so here's something that's been on my mind. 

The Trotsky Hit!

I think Trotsky was done in by an Ice Pick.

Granted I wasn't there...honest. However I think the People's Hero was killed with an ice pick. Okay maybe an ice pick, 'and' an axe. Ya know now that I'm thinking about it there may have been a .38 involved maybe some poison too.

After all we're talking about the work of a Stalinist assassin. If he blew the job the Boss might get seriously pissed at him. Stalin giving you the hairy eyeball usually meant that you your family your dog your neighbors everybody you ever met would be fucked, and not in a nice way.

So yeah our assassin pal would have reason to get the job done right. If it were me if I were given the Trotsky account I'd go the Rasputin route.

To do 'him' in some of the Czar's pals first poisoned Rasputin with enough arsenic to  drop twenty Cossacks, and their horses. They beat the living crap out of him with chairs tables, and assorted logs. Then they shot him ten or twelve time.

They also castrated him. This one was personal ya has to understand.  I mean they 'really' didn't like this guy. Anyway after all that noise the took him out to the frozen Moscow River hacked an opening, and stuffed him in.

Then they went back to the palace to drink as much vodka as possible.

Well ya can imagine their surprise when a few hours later there's a knock at the door. Yep it was the big guy yeah ol' Rasputin his self big as life, and no worse for wear.

He wanted to know if he'd left his hat there.

That above is a true story btw. All except the bit about the hat...I made that up. Still like I sez if I was a Stalinist hit guy, and by some massive misfortune was handed the "Trotsky Account" That's pretty much what I'd do. Like they say in the gangster biz, " can't shoot a client too many times."

Words to live by.

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