Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Pants are Over Rated"

Peter Pan just as I always pictured him. Yep he, and the "Lost Boys" now that the winds have gone cold are all snuggled up together in their tree.

Wendy is busy in her "Wendy House" writing her "tell all" book to be published as soon as she can get out of this Faerie loony bin. Meanwhile the boys are..., well boys will be boys.

Anyway the above youth apparently involved in some sort of Queer Peter Pan cos-play thing is just as I really hoped he would be. He is the vision of my gleefully perverted youthful fantasy of him.

My bleeping Hero!

Well okay he's always trying to kill Native Americans he tortures any pirates he catches bleeps over the Mermaids, and drives Hook nuts with all his annoying bullshit.

Still ya take your hero's where ya can get'em.

How I longed for Peter to come to my bedroom window when I was a lad. I dreamed of being rescued from demented violent Nuns bullies the Devil, and  Jesus. Basically that whole crowd that laid claim to everything in my life from my lunch money to my immortal Soul.

I can just picture it. I'm there in my lonely room jerking off to the memory of my pals in the school shower when there's a knock at my window. 

It's Peter! 

The bleeping patron Saint of all boys! 

He's come to take me away to that weird magic island where everybody gets drunk eats hallucinogenic mushrooms  has sword fights  all over the place goes fishing sleeps till noon has random consensual sex...with 'everybody', and 'No' homework! ...Ever!!

What's not to like?! 

Ah gee ain't dreams swell. Btw for years, and years as long time fans know I've been meaning to do a "Peter" book. I used to publish books of my ink drawings of Angels, and assorted fruity Faeries.

Yeah yeah gimme a break I'll do it eventually. Hell I certainly have the time these days. Nothing, but time as a new member the the unwanted retired.

Good grief.

Anyway I'll be back during the week. You folks be nice to each other while I'm gone.

Stay tuned.

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  1. The weird magic island you describe sounds pretty much like the one my GN is set on. The AC/DC boy warrior hero takes trips to Earth in order to rescue queer boys and other assorted misfits from that benighted planet.