Monday, November 11, 2013


I'm Bless Blessed Blessed to hell'n back,...literally!

I have a roof over my head food in da fridge books to read paper to draw Angels on toys, and a swell stash of porno albit digitally stored. 

I got friends a sister that cares if I live or die! I got hot'n cold running water credit at the Chinese takeout, and a part time cat. 

I'm a Zillionaire compared with billions out in the wretched Earth. I got all the major food groups!

Well okay I'd like a huge pile of gold good beachfront property with no tax leans on it, and a 1936 sky blue Bugatti with free lifetime servicing, and petrol. ...umm well maybe I could be morale officer at Boy Scout Jamboree's.


As for my dear blog readers, and tiny handful of radio listeners. I wish you Love Peace, and Prosperity.

...However watch ya backs this ain't Disneyland ya know.

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