Monday, November 11, 2013

"G-D Prayer"

I originally began this rant years ago. I add or subtract from it as the spirit moves me. I usually read it around Easter on my radio program tho' truthfully have done that in a few years.

I'll pick it again in'14. 2014 the Centennial of the "Great War". The beginning of the Second Hundred Years War. I'll post more about that soon. For now here's my G-d prayer as it is now.

G-d is....

in prison,

is on welfare,

is unemployable,

was Queer bashed,

was lynched,

was ethnically cleansed,

has cancer,

has AIDS,

has dementia,

has stopped taking the medication,

was raped,

is a battered wife,

was aborted,

is a runaway teen,

has no insurance,

was downsized,

is AWOL,

is homeless,

was profiled at the airport,

is stuck in traffic,

is too old,

is too young,

is too smart for his own good,

is too goddamned dumb,

can't get laid,

got VD,

has poor self image,

is afraid,

is lonely,

hears voices,

has lost his faith,

is fat,

has acne,

can't get a green card,

can't vote,

dreams don't come true,

committed suicide,

family hates him,

is on death row,

is guilty,

was framed,

got 20 to life,

is a drunk,

is a junkie,

is in a bad relationship,

flunked out,

can't get credit,

can't get a job,

can't get published,

can't get tenure,

However G-d is not Angry.

There is no possibility of anger.

None at all. 


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