Monday, November 18, 2013

"The Federated States of New England"

The wot?! Sez you. Well okay it don't exist... legally. I was just thinking about the post crash USA. Ya know when everything hits the fan, and folks are paying $500. bucks for a dented can of pork'n beans.

Yeah it's coming.

Anyway this dirty knife fight we calls the U.S. of A. Is already broken up into regions that don't like each other. Jesusland being a rather scary part of this nightmare. So I figure let's get in on the ground floor of this brave new bleeped up world.

I suggest that the Northeast tier, and the Upper Midwest as recognized region. Heck we've been one since before the Civil War. Our voting habits haven't changed we're mostly one sort or other of Liberal. Ya know in the same way Texas is Nazi.

So I say this country should use the Canadian Model. You know how they went, and let them French Canadian fascists build a stupid catholic reactionary state-let.

I didn't say it'd be pretty.

I'm talking avoiding another civil war down here. Hey it's coming, and won't be like the last one. This time it'll be asymmetrical warfare like Columbia or Iraq.  Up close personal, and nasty.

I mean just look at all them Blue, and Red state maps. If ya look close it's really purple. One county red the next one over is blue.

New Jersey will be shelling Manhattan Houston will be raiding them Nazi cow towns, and the Idaho white supremacist nut jobs will be using piper cubs to strafe college towns in Washington state.

Wot a fucking mess!

The damned thing could on forever like the Middle East. So I figure a bunch of demented raving, but separate regions with their own cultural identities law, and what  not. this to avoid several genocides which 'would' happen if war came.

Hey I read that "Turner Diaries" thing. It was a love song to ethnic cleansing, and racial genocide. The maniac author said he wrote it smiling. (!!!!!) One can't sleep well after going through that red neck wet dream. 

So we set up different camps all still loyal to them swell Stars'n Stripes. However in Utah they'd hang, and or behead Queers, and in Brooklyn they boil Kluxers alive.

Not exactly the 21st century I was hoping for, but ya has to work with what you got.

(Umm, eh maybe you should disregard the above steamy post...maybe. It ain't that some serious shit ain't about to hit the fan. It's just that my happy go lucky reaction to all that seems a tad offline tonight.

Looking at this after I did it. It makes this page look like all them insane Tea Party pages that go on about watering the "Tree of Liberty" with people's blood...usually people they really don't like. People like me, and the sort that would be reading my stuff.

Soooo, just think of this one as a delirium dream, and leave it at that.)

Stay Tuned. 

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