Saturday, November 30, 2013

"It was a Dark, and Stormy Night"


A cold day with hints of hail'n snow on Coney Island. My dear pal Nurse Pickles, and I were over at the DMV attempting to do something extremely simple. However one document was unstamped or didn't have the right word in the right place.

'Course that meant going all the way to somewhere in Manhattan to get the word put in the right place so it could be stamped so the really simple thing could happen.

That guy Kafka knew exactly what he was talking about.

Comes the Revolution we shoot all the clerks,...and their supervisors. Of course then the landlords, and algebra teachers.


On the bright side well actually the very cold, and cloudy, and gloomy side we walked over to Coney Island Beach. It's a few blocks from the evil, and soon to be blown up DMV.

We wandered about looking at all the closed attractions, and open cafes. We had a swell breakfast hung out then went to the beach to look for treasures.

I got the prize of the outing a swell spiral shell worn smooth, and cute...some nice sea glass too.  Nurse Pickles got a nice piece of drift wood also cute, and worn smooth.

All in all other than wanting to commit war crimes at the DMV it was a swell though damp, and cold outing.

Oh yeah,...we saw a sea serpent too.

Umm alright it was probably a submarine. Ya know during WW2 Nazi subs used to lay in wait for our convoys to leave port. The bastards would be skulking just off the Rockaways, and our beloved Coney Island.

We figured it probably wasn't one of them.

Russian perhaps..more likely these days Chinese. 

Stay Tuned.

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