Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Yellow Snow"

I was wandering about town on frosty Thanksgiving day. Amazing one could smell ham, and turkey's roasting everywhere. Tofu is another matter I don't think it's aroma carries that far.

Did I mention corn bread, and assorted pies.

Yeah they were in the wind as well. While on my way to dine at the Parsonage of the Rt. Rev. Martin, and Nurse Pickles I saw the jolly proles going about their holiday delirium.

Folks mostly all in their Sunday or Saturday best even clean sneakers. Many carrying hot foil wrapped offerings to the evenings feasts to come.


Just off Atlantic Avenue a van full of Occupy folks,..yeah they're still around quietly bringing on the Revolution. I sees the swell Occupy youngsters giving out piles of pre-packaged hot meals to those that really needed them.

(See pics above from "Occupy Thanksgiving" a few years back.)

They had these sort of home made thermal hampers full of good eats that they were rolling around. Yeah like I said once. If they're remembered for nothing else they should be remembered for feeding the hungry, and wanting nothing back.

Unlike other so-called do-gooders that want everything from your political allegiance to your immortal soul...yuck. No thanks I ain't that hungry. 

I also noticed more than the usual numbers of Queers about. Times must have really changed. Families seem to be inviting their Queer pervert kids uncles aunts, and pals to the table.

Revolutions are slow, but certain,...sometimes. 

Perhaps Anne Frank was right when she said, "...People are basically Good."

I'd put it another way.

"People are complete shits. They're 99%  bat shit crazy shit on a shingle no damned good!"

"However for reasons no one can figure out sometimes that 1% of sort of mostly okay goodness that's buried deep fucking deep deep inside of them come out."

...and that's kind'a what I saw on Thanksgiving.

Happy Holidaze, and don't eat the yellow snow.

Pass the gravy.


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