Saturday, November 30, 2013


It's good for a church to have an open roof. Makes it easier for the Angels to get in. When I was little I thought that when Mass was on the church would lift up to into the sky, and float in Heaven during Communion.

I really believed this. When the organ really went to town, and the choir was going nuts. I believed I could feel the actual building heaving up into the sky...perhaps carried by Angels.

At the time I also believed that I could fly. As I've mentioned here. I thought I could perch on my window sill leap, and fly. Fly to the tree outside of my bedroom.  Leap to it then make a right angle turn to the next tree over.

As the sun rises in the morning I was convinced I had the power. Faith is a serious thing.

Btw I bet I could'a flown

I'll bet kids fly, and perform all manner of Miracles all the time, but mostly don't tell us because they know we've stopped believing in the Wonderful.

Stay Tuned.

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