Saturday, November 16, 2013

"Speaking of Tibet"

It was snowing like peas, and carrots the other morning. First snow of the season for the Emerald City. I had no idea it was coming either. I looked up, and there it was. All blissful fluffy, and bright...neat!

It reminded me of a whiteout a few years back. I was on duty at the radio station, and stumbled by our picture window that over looked the East River.

Hey we had swell digs before we went belly up.

Anyway when the weather socks in it always seems that Brooklyn disappears. It's an amazing sight. As you watch the whole island slowly fades away, and goes to parts unknown. 

That whole business that they say it's really still there just behind the snow rain or fog ain't true.

Brooklyn like other enchanted hellholes travels. Matter of fact Walt Whitman patron Saint of the borough wrote a secret book of his adventure in other lands, and worlds which Brooklyn travels to.

Truth be known the real reason the Brooklyn Bridge was built was to hold the damned place down. No dice she takes the bridge with her when she goes.

Oh, but the snow.

I tell ya it snowed like kittens, and cotton candy that morning. I look forward to more..'much' more as the season rolls on. Here's to Snow Angels, and Snow Persons through the whole winter!

Stay Tuned.

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