Sunday, November 24, 2013

"If My Life were a 1950's TV Show"

If my life were a black, and white 50's TV program this would be my outro script.

Uncle Sydney, 

Outro theme, w/ recorded effects.

Canned applause...

"Good night folks, and thanks for coming by."

"Remember next week our special guests will be Elenore Roosevelt, and "Chee Chee" the amazing singing dog!"

"So goodnight drive carefully, and please give to the Charity of your choice."

"So long G-d bless, and see you here next week." 

Applause slowly fades..Que announcer.

Network Announcer,...booth six,

"Uncle Sydney's True Life Adventures was brought to you by "Dr. Pepper" the makers of fine cleaning products. Alternate sponsor "Flame Guard" protect your home protect your children with special formula Asbestos "Flame Guard!"

"The Uncle Sydney Dancers appeared courtesy of Sydneyco Enterprises Ltd." 

"The Uncle Sydney Negro Puppet theater is a co-production of the DuMont Television Network, and the Greater Pacific Co-Prosperity Sphere Media Combine."

Outro theme applause bed fades out.

"Please stay tuned to most of these DuMont stations for "Amos, and Andy 2000". 

Que "A&A" slide...

"Laughs aplenty as Lightning invents a time machine, and the King Fish who thinks it's  a toaster accidentally goes to the future." This will be coming up after these brief commercial announcements."

Local Announcer,...booth one,

"You're tuned to WNBT, Channel 6, Edison New Jersey."

"The time is exactly 8:29 pm est."


Play local PSA...

Que Ajax, DDT, and Nash Rambler commercials

Que network feed for Amos, and Andy...

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