Saturday, November 2, 2013

"My Dollies!"

I will admit dolls aren't as critical for my sanity as they were. I guess after nearly five years I'm more or less recovered from my year long 'bout of Houselessness.

Although I'm moving soon from my current digs I'm not as anxiety ridden about it as I might have been a few years back. Also being more Zen than I used to be I didn't accumulate tons of junk while I was in my present hovel.

We can do the whole thing in one go with one van...well two vans.

Anyway I 'do' still have an affection for my little pals. Only now in a more or less rational way. Dolls are like having company you don't have to dress up for. Rather like onanism or other private hobbies.

More on this project..the move as opposed to certain hobbies as events warrant.

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