Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Peter Pan",...again!

Back in the day I had intended to issue a version of the beloved "Peter Pan" legend. The years went by, and it was never done. I only did a few penciled drawn pages, and I think two inked drawings.

I'm glad that Renae De Liz is going full bore with 'his' project. I wish him well, and look forward to reading it soon!

(If you go to my Queer page..see link on lower right. You can see two of the drawing I did for my slumbering "Pan" project. Humm maybe I should get back to work on it.)

Stay Tuned.

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  1. I think you should cover the queer backstory to Peter Pan - him and the lost boys and what they got up to before Wendy came along and tried to straighten them out.

    There are people who think Peter Pan is evil. I once found some ranting on some forum. So alternatively you could depict Peter as a devil worshiper, Tinkerbelle as his familiar Pyewacket (a demonic rabbit), and Captain Hook as Beelzebub. It'd be a whole new twist on the story.

    But probably scenes of Peter cross-dressing would be more fun.